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Anna Quaranta's Testimonial

My shopping experience with Montse was a real delight. I am the owner of a small family business, have two very active teens and travelling frequently to Italy. I usually stress out a lot during my personal shopping but following Montse advice of shapes and colours managed to buy some great dresses and tops and also get some very interesting deals. I had my nephew communion and the flowery shaping dress we picked with the creamy colour jacket was perfect. I stood out and was perfectly matched with beige hills and a golden handbag. We laughed a lot and got the perfect additions to my wardrobe for the spring-summer season. I saw more than one person turning their head to look while wearing this bright blue shirt which was the perfect colour for me to wear on jeans or tailored trousers, instead of the pale creamy one I was going for. I recommend to everyone for maximum enjoyment of your personal shopping, especially mums they never enjoy it like they should. The main aspect is you tend to buy the same things without realising so if your best friend is busy this is the way to make it perfect!!! 

Anna Quaranta 

Company Director